Sunday, 7 August 2016

IPMS Avon 26th Annual Show and Airfix Battles Introductory Wargame

As you may know, I have recently moved to Thornbury, a pretty little town to the north of Bristol and...I have only recently discovered...home to the annual IPMS Avon Plastic Model and Wargaming Show...which just happened to be today! My kids and I are just back from a fun afternoon wandering the three large halls full of modelling and wargaming goodies.

We also came away with a copy of the Airfix Battles Introductory Wargame...

I've had my eye on this for a while as a game that...I hope...the kids will be able to play by themselves (though my son is an old hand at beating his daddy on the wargames table, my daughter has only just turned seven...but she is desperate to get in on the action, too!) after a few practice games with me.  I shall let you know how that goes once we've had a game or two.

The main highlight, though, was I finally got to meet Matt Slade...the man who has been painting my figures for me for the past couple of person at last! A real pleasure to meet him at long last. I also got the chance to say a quick hello to the Dice Bag Lady, too!

All in all, a rather fun afternoon in my new home town!