Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Comic Book In Her Majesty's Name AAR - The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company in...The Amulet of Ra!

I've done our other old AAR...Skirmish in the the new comic book style I intend to use from now on. So without further ado let me present The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company in...The Amulet of Ra!

And here's a Dropbox link to a PDF version which is a bit easier to read.

My son and I got another game in a couple of weeks ago...Captain Harry Nelson and the Crew of the HMS Nautilus vs Princess Augusta and her Valkyries which I will post up soon!

Monday, 26 January 2015

A few more Oriental aquarium decorations for IHMN

I picked up a few more Oriental aquarium decorations for IHMN...

Again, I picked these up from Amazon here and here

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Oriental aquarium decorations for IHMN

In the next few weeks I should be getting my next batch of figures back from Matt Slade...North Star's In Her Majesty's Name Black Dragon Tong as well as Westwind's Chinese Tong and Inscrutable Tong figure. In preparation, I've picked up a few bits of suitable aquarium decor...

[Edit: added a few pics with miniatures to give an idea of scale.]

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My son's In Her Majesty's Name Company - Miller's Marauders

Here is the 1:32 Airfix IHMN company my son put together to oppose Von Brauns Wolf Soldaten. Made up from the best and bravest of various Allied regiments, I would like to introduce...Millers' Marauders!

Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Equipment
Captain Miller

3+ +3 +2 0 65 Leadership +3
Lined Coat (8)
Machine Gun (-1 Pluck, +3 SV)
Lieutenant Phillips

4+ +2 +2 0 54 Leadership +2
Lined Coat (8)
Arc Rifle (-2 Pluck, +1 SV)
Sergeant Scott

4+ +2 +2 0 44 Leadership +1
Lined Coat (8)
Machine Gun (-1 Pluck, +3 SV)
Grenades (-1 Pluck)
Marauders (x9)

5+ +2 +2 0 16

Lined Coat (8)
Military Rifle (-1 Pluck, +3 SV)
Total Cost: 307

Machine Gun +3 24” 2 -1 15 Attacks can be split between multiple targets. If fired into a group attacks all targets equally (see 3.3.3 and

Saturday, 17 January 2015

My son's In Her Majesty's Name Company - Von Braun's Wolf Soldaten

My son has put together a company of battle-hardened Germans from his Airfix 1:32 soldiers, so without further ado let me introduce...

Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Equipment
Von Braun

3+ +3 +2 0 72 Leadership +3
Lined Coat (8)
Arc Pistol (-1 Pluck, +1 SV)
Arc Generator
4+ +2 +2 0 33 Leadership +1
Lined Coat (8)
Hunting Rifle (-2 Pluck, +4 SV)
4+ +2 +2 0 34 Fanatic
Lined Coat (8)
Machine Gun (-1 Pluck, +3 SV)
Wolf Soldaten (x9)

5+ +1 +1 0 19 Fanatic Lined Coat (8)
Military Rifle (-1 Pluck, +3 SV)
Total Cost: 310

Machine Gun +3 24” 2 -1 15 Attacks can be split between multiple targets. If fired into a group attacks all targets equally (see 3.3.3 and

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Comic Book Style Battle Reports for In Her Majesty's Name

Inspired by the brilliant comic book style battle reports for Pulp Alley by Phipps and Daughter on the Lead Adventure forums, I decided to have a go myself...

Here's a link to an easier-to-see PDF version!

Both me and the boy love how it turned out! He's even thinking of taking a copy to school to show his class what he and his old man get up to. I also had a lot of fun putting it together. I used Comic Life 3 (a free 30 day trial) and it was very easy to use...even for me! So I think I shall be posting our AARs in this style from now on.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Lord Curr and the Shining Buddha of Siam, part two - the Battle - IHMN AAR

In the previous post I covered the set-up and companies in detail, but essentially the Society of Thule had to defend and hold their central position around the crates of Orichalcum they'd looted from the Shining Buddha of Siam, a statue once thought lost forever. Lord Curr and his Incorrigibles had to force the Society of Thule to flee, leaving the crates behind and thus stopping the evil Doctor Kobalt from creating new and fiendish weapons from the mysterious metal.

The table

Turn One

Lord Curr wins initiative. Mohan Singh with two Incorrigibles attack from one side, Lady Felicity and two more Incorrigibles from another and, finally, Lord Curr himself with Mad Mick and the remaining two Incorrigibles push forward from one more side. The Society of Thule take cover behind the precious crates and begin returning fire with the exception of Von Stronheim. On seeing his nemesis, Lord Curr, the Count immediately charges towards him!

One Jager is killed immediately by an Incorrigible, only to return as a fearsome Tod-Truppen. Feldwebel Krieg uses his Flamethrower to set another of the Incorrigibles alight but falls in the next instant to Mohan Singh's machine gun with the Jager next to him being knocked down. But, alas! Lord Curr himself falls to a well-aimed shot from one of the Jagers. Will the plucky Brits be able to maintain the attack with Lord Curr down? The Incorrigibles demonstrate their resolve by killing Doctor Kobalt and knocking down one more of the Jagers! The battle seems to be turning against the Count!

Lord Curr and his Incorrigibles attack from three sides!

The first Jager falls...and returns as a Tod-Truppen!

Feldwebel Krieg lights up an Incorrigible with his flame-thrower!

Only to be killed a moment later by Mohan Singh!

Disaster! Lord Curr falls to a Jager's well-aimed shot!

The Incorrigibles show they are more than a match for the Jager!

Doctor Kobalt is killed and a Jager is knocked down!

Turn Two

After the initial fury of the attack, things seem a bit quieter....perhaps, because so many have already fallen. Lady Felicity fires both her pistols into the first (and only so far) Tod-Truppen, killing it once and for all! Mohan Singh with his Incorrigibles push forward, knocking down another Jager. The Count charges Mad Mick whilst one of the Incorrigibles rushes to his side. The withering firepower (and numbers) of Lord Curr's Company seem to be winning the day. Can the Count turn the tide of battle?

Lady Felicity takes out a Tod-Truppen!

Mohan Singh knocks down a Jager!

 The Count charges Mad Mick! An Incorrigible rushes to his side!

Turn Three

Lord Curr's Company push their advantage! The remaining Jagers are killed, only to return as terrifying Tod-Truppen! But, alas! The mighty Mohan Singh falls to one of the last Jager shots of the battle as does one of the Incorrigibles. Meanwhile, the Count is frustrated in his attempts to finish Mad Mick off with his sabre. Things are not looking good for the Society of Thule

The first Incorrigible into the clearing charges a Jager!

The Jager falls...only to return!

Another Incorrigible makes it into the clearing...

...only to be killed by one of the remaining Jagers...

...who in turn falls to an Incorrigible's rifle!

 The mighty Mohan Singh falls!

Retribution is swift!

But he returns as a Tod-Truppen!

Mad Mick deftly dodges the Counts sabre!

Turn Four

The battle draws to a close. Lady Felicity dispatches another Tod-Truppen with her pistols! And another falls to fire from the Incorrigibles. And so, despite the remaining Tod-Truppen felling an Incorrigible with a crushing blow, the Count decides discretion is the better part of valour, after all, what is the Society of Thule without he flees the battlefield. Lord Curr's Company is victorious! The Orichalcum safe in their hands!

Lady Felicity fells another monster with her pistols!

A Tod-Truppen delivers a killing blow!

But with the  rest of the Incorrigibles closing in...

...only one Tod-Truppen remaining...

...and the Count seemingly unable to land a blow!

Von Stronheim decides discretion is the better part of valour!

So...another resounding victory for my son! Just a couple of hours to finish off his old man. Why do I get the feeling this is going to be the way of things? Again, he picked up the new rules and talents no problem, quickly realising the importance of movement and the various penalties to shooting. In fact, it was me who kept forgetting rules...I really should have remembered the Tod-Truppen's Terrifying and Numb talents...they might have given me a better chance! Looks like I'm really going to have to up my game!

Figures were all painted by the inimitable Matt Slade. The trees and building are various aquarium decorations.