Monday, 25 May 2015

Lost World Enemies for In Her Majesty's Name

I've finished the Enemies for my In Her Majesty's Name Lost World, so here they are...

Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Equipment
Sha-Aye, Atlantean Queen

3+ +1 +1 0 72 Leadership +2
Unearthly Beauty
Mystical Powers -
Zone of Shadows
Fighting Knife (-1 Pluck, +1 FV)
High Priestess 4+ +1 +1 +1 49 Anti-Venom
Mystical Powers -
Fighting Knife (-1 Pluck, +1 FV)
Atlantean Strategos 4+ +3 0 0 32 Leadership +1
Lightning Draw
Brigandine & Shield (10)
Sword (-1 Pluck, +2 FV)
Atlantean Hoplite 5+ +2 0 0 20 Fanatic
Brigandine & Shield (10)
Sword (-1 Pluck, +2 FV)

Animal Move/Run Pluck FV SV Armour Weapon Bonus Pluck Penalty Cost Talents
Atlantean War Ape 6”/+3 4+ +4 0 8 +1 -1 24 Beserker

Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Equipment
Tribal Chief 3+ +2 +2 +1 33 Leadership +2
Spear (-1 Pluck, +2 FV/SV)
Witchdoctor 4+ +1 +1 +2 50 Numb
Mystical Powers -
Zone of Shadows
Staff (+3)
War Leader 4+ +2 +2 +1 30 Leadership +1
Spear (-1 Pluck, +2 FV/SV)

Elite Warrior 5+ +2 +2 +1 22 Skirmisher Spear (-1 Pluck, +2 FV/SV)
Warrior 6+ +1 +1 +1 14 Skirmisher Spear (-1 Pluck, +2 FV/SV)
Archer 6+ 0 +3 +1 15 Skirmisher Bow (+2 SV)

I've updated the Lost World PDF so it now includes the Lost World Enemies as well as the previously posted Lost World Expedition & Allies and Lost World Bestiary to which I've made a few small changes, as well. You can get the PDF on Dropbox or Google Drive. Enjoy!

At some point I shall come up with a bit of background flavour and tidy it all up with a few more pics...

...but for now I'm off to watch She with my wife!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

More Pics of my latest Lost World Minis!

Here are a few scenic pics of some of my latest Lost World minis!

Atlantean Queen, Snake Priestesses, Atlantean Strategos and Hoplites, Atlantean War Ape
Tribal Chief, Tribal War Leaders, Witchdoctors
Tribal Elite Warriors, Tribal Warriors, Tribal Archers

Helene, Queen of the Amazons and her Amazon Warriors

I detailed each of the figures' manufacturers in my last post. All figures painted by the inimitable Matt Slade!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Incoming! More Darkest Africa and Lost World Minis!

Matt has finished my latest batch of Darkest Africa and Lost World minis!

Westwind and Artizan

Alxbates Denizens of Azor from the Lead Adventure Forums

Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings and Foundry

Copplestone Castings and Foundry

Pulp Figures

Lucid Eye

Lucid Eye

Lucid Eye

Copplestone Castings

Lucid Eye

As always, he's done a fantastic job! I hope to take some more scenic pics in the next few days and then get them statted up!

Monday, 18 May 2015

More Pics of Antediluvian Miniatures' Lost World Adventurers!

Just in case you've missed them...Antediluvian Miniatures have released a couple more pics on their Facebook page of their soon-to-be-released Lost World Adventurers!

Absolutely brilliant! Apparently they will be available to buy early June! Can't wait to add them to my Lost World!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Lost Temple of Aten! Part Two - Comic Battle Report - IHMN AAR

Apologies for the long delay in getting Part Two up! You can find Part One, the Companies and Set-Up, here. Enjoy!

Here's a Dropbox link or a Google Drive link to a PDF version which is a bit easier to read!

I finally won a game against my boy! It was a close fought thing, though, especially after Captain Napier fell to Akhenaton. I thought that was it. But the stout-hearted boys in red proved their mettle! Huzzah!

Tomorrow we're due to have a game in the Lost World. Hopefully I'll be a bit quicker at getting the AAR posted. Also, Matt has finished off my latest Lost World figures so I shall be posting up pics as soon as I get them.  I plan on finishing up my Lost World stuff for In Her Majesty's Name over the next couple of weeks. 

So until the next time...

All miniatures were painted by the inimitable Matt Slade! The scenery is mostly a mixed bag of aquarium decorations with the exception of the hills which are Battlefield in a Box and the tents which are Renedra.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Antediluvian Miniatures T-Shirt

This splendid garment arrived yesterday from Redbubble...a very fine Antediluvian Miniatures T-Shirt! Other colours and styles are, of course, available!

This photo pinched off the Antediluvian Miniatures Facebook Page

Of course, I'm really waiting on their Lost World Adventurers (available in June) and Warriors of Atlantis to add to my Lost World!

Lost World Adventurers

Warrior of Atlantis
These chaps will go splendidly with Lucid Eye's excellent Savage Core range!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Lucid Eye Mercenaries Now Available

Lucid Eye Mercenaries Hoplite Commander

Lucid Eye Mercenaries Hoplites

Lucid Eye Mercenaries Javelin Men

Lucid Eye Mercenaries Peltasts
Lucid Eye have just released some new figures under the title Mercenaries...Hoplite Commander, Hoplites, Javelin Men and Peltasts. I'm not sure if these are part of the Savage Core range but they would work well with the Atlanteans as well as for 7th Voyage or historical games.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Dragon Rampant up for Pre-Order

Mock Up Cover

Daniel Mersey has just pointed out on his blog that Dragon Rampant is already available for pre-order on Amazon. Really looking forward to this as I've had a few games of Lion Rampant and really enjoyed it's elegant simplicity. Here's Osprey's blurb:

Whether you're a nameless Dark Lord looking to conquer the known world, a Champion of Light holding out against the forces of evil or a Northern barbarian facing claimants to a stolen throne, Dragon Rampant allows you to bring those battles to the tabletop. Developed from the popular Lion Rampant system, Dragon Rampant is a standalone wargame that recreates the great battles of fantasy fiction. Scenarios, army lists, and full rules for magic and monsters give players the opportunity to command unruly orc warbands, raise armies of the undead, campaign across an antediluvian world as the warchief of a barbarian tribe, or exploit the power of mighty creatures and extraordinary sorcery. An army usually consists of 6-8 units comprised of 6-12 individually based figures. These small units move and fight independently, assuming that they follow your orders rather than just doing their own thing. Command and control is just as important on the battlefield as the power of a troll chieftain or the magic of an archmage.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Vikings and Revenants

I've been thinking about trying out another game with my son. It's been six months since he had his first game of In Her Majesty's Name. Time to try something new. 

I've got lots of rules...Dead Man's HandPulp Alley7th VoyageLion RampantSagaDux BritanniarumSong of Blades and HeroesChain of CommandBolt Action....but not many figures other than the Victorian and Colonial era ones I use for In Her Majesty's Name. I do have some lovely figures for 7th Voyage but I'm not sure that is the next game I want to try with can be a bit fiddly and games can be a bit long. I really want something with the simplicity of In Her Majesty's Name. Of course, I could use my existing figures for Pulp Alley pretty easily...and that is tempting as it sounds like a lot of fun!

 Or I could buy some more figures...  

I bought some new figures. The Saga Revenants look great. And I figured I could use these for various games...the upcoming Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant and Open Combat as well as Saga or Song of Blades and Heroes

Of course, I need some opponents so I've picked up a load of Artizan Vikings, too. Also handy, I figured, for many of the above games.

I'm still not sure which game I'll introduce the boy to next...and we still have a couple of Lost World games planned...but I'll certainly have more options.