Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Lost Temple of Aten! Part Two - Comic Battle Report - IHMN AAR

Apologies for the long delay in getting Part Two up! You can find Part One, the Companies and Set-Up, here. Enjoy!

Here's a Dropbox link or a Google Drive link to a PDF version which is a bit easier to read!

I finally won a game against my boy! It was a close fought thing, though, especially after Captain Napier fell to Akhenaton. I thought that was it. But the stout-hearted boys in red proved their mettle! Huzzah!

Tomorrow we're due to have a game in the Lost World. Hopefully I'll be a bit quicker at getting the AAR posted. Also, Matt has finished off my latest Lost World figures so I shall be posting up pics as soon as I get them.  I plan on finishing up my Lost World stuff for In Her Majesty's Name over the next couple of weeks. 

So until the next time...

All miniatures were painted by the inimitable Matt Slade! The scenery is mostly a mixed bag of aquarium decorations with the exception of the hills which are Battlefield in a Box and the tents which are Renedra.

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