Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Vikings and Revenants

I've been thinking about trying out another game with my son. It's been six months since he had his first game of In Her Majesty's Name. Time to try something new. 

I've got lots of rules...Dead Man's HandPulp Alley7th VoyageLion RampantSagaDux BritanniarumSong of Blades and HeroesChain of CommandBolt Action....but not many figures other than the Victorian and Colonial era ones I use for In Her Majesty's Name. I do have some lovely figures for 7th Voyage but I'm not sure that is the next game I want to try with can be a bit fiddly and games can be a bit long. I really want something with the simplicity of In Her Majesty's Name. Of course, I could use my existing figures for Pulp Alley pretty easily...and that is tempting as it sounds like a lot of fun!

 Or I could buy some more figures...  

I bought some new figures. The Saga Revenants look great. And I figured I could use these for various games...the upcoming Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant and Open Combat as well as Saga or Song of Blades and Heroes

Of course, I need some opponents so I've picked up a load of Artizan Vikings, too. Also handy, I figured, for many of the above games.

I'm still not sure which game I'll introduce the boy to next...and we still have a couple of Lost World games planned...but I'll certainly have more options. 

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