Friday, 2 January 2015

In Her Majesty's Name with Airfix soldiers and Star Wars Command figures!

My son loved the first game we played of In Her Majesty's Name. He 'got' the rules straight away and it really fired his imagination. So I gave him a copy of the book over Christmas and he has since spent hours poring over the pages.

After a couple of days he started getting all his 1:32 Airfix soldiers and Star Wars Command figures out to start making up his own companies. He has pretty much finished a mixed Allied company with British and American Paras and some 8th Army chaps as well as a German Company mainly comprised of Infantry but with a few Fallschirmjager. He's now currently busy in his room making up some companies from his Star Wars Command figures!

I must admit I'm really happy at how much the game has grabbed him...and how quickly he's picked it up, especially the making up of his own stuff. And he's not really needed much help from me...with just a few suggestions and using the Companies I've made for IHMN as templates, he's had no trouble making up his own companies. As for weapons, armour and gadgets, he's pretty much used the existing ones in the book (with the odd tweak) but just changed the names to fit the genre better.

I really couldn't have hoped for it to go any better...