Sunday, 14 August 2016

Dice Bags for Congo

The talented Mrs Slade...wife of the inimitable Matt Slade of Glenbrook Games...has started making these rather brilliant dice bags for Congo! From the Congo - Adventures in the Heart of Africa Fan Page on Facebook...

Some of you may have seen the bespoke gaming bags that we have been selling at shows over the last year or so. Upon hearing rumours on the jungle telegraph of bags for stress tokens in the Congo game, my clever wife has been out hunting faux leopard in the Royal Forest of Dean and has returned with a stash of faux fur pelts and knocked this one up for me today. It is lined with a black satin effect material and is finished off with a sturdy black draw string.

We have been trading glass beads with the Forest of Dean tribes for faux zebra and giraffe skins and will be going into production mode within the week.

if anyone would like one, message me through Facebook or on They are £10 each plus postage.

Of course, I had to order one immediately. And resolution to hold off buying the Congo rule book lasted less than two weeks. I ordered a copy yesterday. I blame it on the Facebook fan pages, blogs and forums. I just hope I have enough figures already!

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