Thursday, 18 August 2016

A White Men's Expedition for Congo!

A White Man's Expedition

So I recently caved in and bought Congo - Adventures in the Heart of Africa which arrived yesterday. I've had a quick skim well as being a gorgeous book to look at...the rules seem like a lot of fun. Even better...I already have enough figs to field a decent White Men's Expedition force!

Here is a 90 Point force ready for The King of the Apes adventure (one of the scenarios which comes with the book)...

The Explorer (Free Character)
The Reporter (Free Character)
The Adventurer (11 Points) (*see below)
The Soldier (21 Points) (*see below)
The Bearer (Auxiliary 2 Points)
Trained Askari (16 Points)
Ruga-Ruga (20 Points)
Ruga-Ruga (20 Points)
A table for The King of the Apes adventure. The brown area marks the Giant
Apes territory whilst the green areas are dangerous terrain.

Buying a rule book and having enough figures to play already is a first for me so I'm pretty chuffed! I'm also well on the way to having enough figs for an African Kingdoms or Forest Tribes force, too.

I should also be getting my first game in next week as Matt Slade and a gaming buddy of his are popping over one evening to show me the ropes. Really looking forward to giving these rules a go!

* EDIT - It has kindly been pointed out to me that I misread the rules for both Soldiers and Adventurers. You are allowed 0-1 Units of both Soldiers and Adventurers in your Column not 0-1 Soldiers or Adventurers. An Adventurer Unit consists of 3 figs and a Soldier Unit of 4 figs. Fortunately, I still have enough...

Adventurers (11 Points)

Soldiers (21 Points)
Thanks to Drew Wood for pointing out my mistake!