Friday, 24 April 2015

Thoughts on Lost World Games for In Her Majesty's Name

Next week Matt will be sending me thirty or so Lost World/Darkest Africa figures...the 'good guys', hurrah!...which has got me thinking about making up some Companies for In Her Majesty's Name.

After a bit of thought, and partly because there are so many figures, I've decided that instead of making specific Companies up I'm going to do a 'good guys' roster, a 'bad guys' roster and a 'beasties' roster for a Lost World setting. So, for example:

Lost World Expedition & Allies

Sir Allan Quatermain
Lord Blackwood
Lady Blackwood
Joshua Boro, Loyal Manservant
Professor Karl Magnus
Great White Hunter
Native Bearer
Zan-Tar, Lord of the Jungle
Ne-Ja, Consort of Zan-Tar
Helene, Queen of the Amazons
Caesar, King of the Apes

From this list you could pick any combination up to a certain amount of points. You'd then do the same from the 'bad guys' roster, Lost World Denizens, and maybe add a few Lost World Beasties then come up with a suitable scenario. I think this would really work well for a small, contained and specific setting like a Lost World. An expedition somehow stranded in a lost world, perhaps they've made a base camp from which they methodically search for an escape, meeting allies, enemies and strange beasts from times long past along the way.

In the end, a roster like this is not too different from some of the larger companies in the books or the extended Company I did for the Servants of Ra. Anyway, I shall post up something more concrete once I've got the figures and had the chance to take a few pics.