Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Mysterious Wu Fang! Part Two - Comic Battle Report - IHMN AAR

Sorry it's taken so long but we have at last finished the Comic Book Battle Report of our last game! You can find the Set-Up and Companies in our earlier post here. Enjoy!

Here's a Dropbox link to a PDF version which is a bit easier to read!

We called it a draw this time! Which makes a change! The Tong suffered heavy casualties, including some of their main characters; Peking Li Li, Big Wong, the Dragon Warrior and one of the Yeti.  The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company, meanwhile, would have come away relatively unscathed if it hadn't been for the loss of Captain Napier! However, the overall objective of the game was the Mysterious Wu Fang...and he escaped. The inscrutable and indifferent criminal mastermind remained in the shadows the entire time...until he saw his Tong overpowered and decided to leave his men to their fate! His anonymity is much more important than the lives of his followers, after all! 

So until the next time...

All miniatures were painted by the inimitable Matt Slade! The scenery is mostly a mixed bag of aquarium decorations with the exception of the walls which are from Pegasus Hobbies and the cobblestone roads which are from Flames of War.