Saturday, 11 April 2015

Lucid Eye Savage Core News

From the Lucid Eye Facebook page:

The Savage Core core range design work is complete. All of the codes, (bar one), should be available within the next week, (paws crossed). The missing one is Amazons 2, which is sculpted, depends whether or not I get it in a mould before going to Salute. Either way, it'll be fairly soon on that one. There should be blisters and faction bundles on the day, available from Superior Steve on the Arcane Scenery stand.
There's a website under construction! Hoo hah! At long last. I managed to look really pathetic at an awesome website guy who took pity on me and helped me out. Eternal thanks for that, he knows who he is.

Savage Core handbook is still in development. You'll appreciate I'm a one man dude kind of deal, I hope, and sometimes stuff has to take a back seat. Early signs are good, however, and it's a hoot to play. It's not 'wargamey' serious. I'm not sure it could be, considering the fact you're playing a monkey dodging plastic dinosaurs. We're looking at handbook size and I may put one or two faction lists on the website in order to playtest/develop.

That being said, Creative Craig, of In Her Majesty's Name fame, has offered to draw up some Savage Core stats for use with IHMN, which is very flattering. Not sure when we'll get to organise that, but shouldn't take a lot of time.
So, Lucid has had a difficult birth, it came out sideways, retreated back in, was dropped on it's head once or twice, but I'm happy to say, it's still breathing, and off to the nearest Montesori, where hopefully, it'll play nice with the rough boys. I'll continue to support Savage Core with new releases and I'm onto my next project which is pretty exciting to me. So, thanks, True Believers! (Too many comics..)

Exciting stuff! Can't wait to see the new figures!

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