Friday, 17 April 2015

Gothic Ruins - Battlefield in a Box

I've mentioned before how much I regret only recently coming across Gale Force 9s Battlefield in a Box range as most of the ranges are no longer being produced and are impossible to get hold of. That said, a while back Paul of Yours in a White Wine Sauce and The Man Cave pointed me in the direction of their Gothic range and while many of the bigger and more impressive pieces are also impossible to find, there are still various readily available pieces. Well, with the imminent arrival of Frostgrave I decided it would be a good idea to pick some up...

I'm not sure these pieces would be suitable for a historical game...the statues, for example, are very stylized...but they are perfect for fantasy and sci-fi and would do fine for Pulp or VSF games. As well as Frostgrave, I plan on using them for In Her Majesty's Name...the Society of Thule now have a new secret base and laboratory under the ruins of the evil Count's ancestral castle, high in the Alps!

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