Monday, 27 April 2015

Incoming Darkest Africa and Lost World Minis!

My latest lot of figures from Matt are on their way! Hooray! And he kindly sent me a few pics to whet my appetite!

Lord Blackwood, Sir Allan Quatermain and a couple of Explorers

Explorers and Archaeologists/Scientists

More Explorers, Archaeologists/Scientists and Hunters

Lady Blackwood

Native Bearers

Native Bearers

Native Bearers and Characters

Native Bearers and Characters

Caesar and the Apes

Helene, Queen of the Amazons with Zan-Tar, Lord of the Jungle and his Consort, Ne-Ja

Prince Louis Napoleon and Colonel Burnaby...not sure I'll use these for Lost World games.
The figures are mainly a mix of Foundry and Lucid Eye along with a North Star Tea Time figure and a couple of Warlord Games figures. 

Of course, I shall post more pictures of them with some scenery as soon as I get a chance! And I hope to have stats for my In Her Majesty's Name Lost World Explorers and Allies up soon, too.