Thursday, 7 January 2016

Dragon Rampant

My copy of Dragon Rampant has arrived! Great production values, as always! I've really enjoyed the games I've had of Lion Rampant but it's a bit of a struggle for me to get enough figures together for these larger skirmish games...especially with so many games vying for my attention (I'm actually trying to concentrate on getting enough figures together for the next set of Dan Mersey rules due out in the Summer...The Men Who Would Be King)! 

So although I picked up Dragon Rampant, I didn't actually think I'd get much chance to play it any time soon unless it was to add the odd fantasy element to my Viking warbands. However, after a quick skim through I've realised that the rules have been adapted to cater for Single Model Units and Reduced Model Units by giving them Strength Points! Brilliant! This means that all those figures I have for Frostgrave and Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish can easily do for Dragon Rampant! 

In fact, North Star have just posted up a 'How to' in their latest online North Star Magazine here for converting your Frostgrave warband to Dragon Rampant

Looks like I might get a game of Dragon Rampant in sooner than I thought!

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