Friday, 15 January 2016

Dragon Rampant - From The Frozen Wastes

In preparation for Sunday's game of Dragon Rampant, here are the opponents for The Northern Tribes warband I posted up a few days ago...again these are made up mainly from Frostgrave figures. The creatures From the Frozen Wastes...

The Lich Lord (Single Model Unit)
Heavy Missiles (Magical Lightning Bolts) + Leader + Summoner + Undead (Fear) @ 9 Points

Undead Champion (Single Model Unit)
Elite Foot + Undead (Fear) @ 8 Points

Ghoul King (Single Model Unit)
Bellicose Foot + Hatred (Humans) @ 5 Points

Wraith Knights (Reduced Model Unit)
Elite Foot + Undead (No Feelings) @ 6 Points

Armoured Skeletons (Reduced Model Unit)
Heavy Foot + Undead (No Feelings) @ 4 Points

Wight (Single Model Unit)
Lesser Warbeast + Invisibility + Undead (No Feelings) @ 7 Points

Snow Trolls (Reduced Model Unit)
Lesser Warbeasts @ 4 Points

White Gorillas (Single Model Unit)
Greater Warbeast @ 6 Points each

White Apes (Reduced Model Unit)
Lesser Warbeast + Cunning @ 6 Points

That's 61 Points worth (each White Gorilla being one Single Model Unit) with just 18 miniatures! It might not look as impressive as a huge horde on the table but it does mean those of us that don't have big fantasy armies to plunder for figures can get a game in relatively easily! 

Anyway, as The Northern Tribes can field a maximum of 36 points we'll have to wisely choose a similar points amount for Sunday's game....

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