Monday, 11 January 2016

Dragon Rampant - The Northern Tribes

The boy and I are planning on giving Dragon Rampant a go at the weekend so I thought it was about time I got some warbands together. Of course, this being based on the Lion Rampant rules it took me all of ten minutes! I love the ease with which you can make up pretty much anything you like!

Anyway, the first up are The Northern Tribes (made up from my Frostgrave figures)...a loose alliance of petty chiefdoms from The North forever fighting incursions from The Frozen Wastes.

Chieftain (Single Model Unit)
Elite Foot + Leader @ 6 Points

Beserker (Single Model Unit)
Bellicose Foot @ 4 Points

Sword Maidens (Reduced Model Unit)
Elite Foot @ 6 Points

Druids (Reduced Model Unit)
Heavy Foot + Spellcaster @ 8 Points

Warriors (Reduced Model Unit)
Bellicose Foot @ 4 Points

Bear (Single Model Unit)
Lesser Warbeast @ 4 Points

War Dogs (Reduced Model Unit)
Lesser Warbeasts @ 4 Points

So with the above I could field up to 36 Points with just 17 models. Simple as that! Of course, we shall see if they're any good at the weekend...

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