Saturday, 2 January 2016

Christmas Goodies!

Santa was very kind to me this year as I found a few wargames-related (sort of) things under the Christmas tree. I must have been a very good boy in 2015!

I've not done much console/computer gaming since the kids were fact, the last time I had a Playstation was back in the days of PS2...but Santa brought the kids a PS4 this year and I was lucky enough to get some great-looking games myself. I've not had much chance to try them out yet but once the kids go back to school it will be a different matter...I do worry, though, about the effects a PS4 will have on my free time!

The history books all look fact, I'm already deep into The War in the West and it is so far superb. I highly recommend it! It also happens to go very well with the DVD of of my favourite old war films...up there with Ice Cold in Alex! And then you can never have enough KR Multicases, in my humble opinion!

I hope you all had a good New Years and the hangovers are all history!

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