Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Operation Sea Lion

I've long been interested in the 'what if' of Operation Sea Lion as well as admired from afar the many excellent A Very British Civil War games I've seen on a variety of wargaming blogs...particularly those of Mr Crump's wargamesinthedungeon blog...well worth a visit, if you haven't already.

Now Warlord Games have released Campaign Sea Lion for Bolt Action along with a range of superb figures...both their own here and from Footsore Miniatures here. The BUF figures, in particular, are superb...

...but then so are the British Militia! There are many more excellent figures in the Footsore shop.

Warlord have also just announced a second supplement, Campaign Gigant, with the Germans opening up a second front in the North-East.

I'm finding it very hard not to dive into yet another period...but they do sort of fit in with all the Pulp figs I have, don't they? And I've already picked up the book!

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