Monday, 6 February 2017

Back of Beyond Reading

My gaming interests over the last year have been mainly focused on the Colonial and Darkest Africa periods along with 1930s Pulp. Recently, however...thanks to Martin Cookes' blog 28mm Heroes and Chris Schuetz's blog Major Thomas Foolery's War Room...I've become increasingly interested in the early 20th century Back of Beyond in central Asia.

And so this little lot has arrived over the last week or so...

I read Peter Hopkirk's The Great Game several years ago and really enjoyed it. Hopkirk seems to have been something of an expert on the Back of Beyond and wrote a number of other books which have been recommended to me at one point or another. So with Martin Cooke's praises for The Great Game ringing in my ears I went ahead and got them.

I also picked up Kipling's classic on the 'Great Game', Kim...which, I'm ashamed to say, I have never actually read despite being a huge fan of H Rider Haggard and Conan Doyle! I have read Buchan's classic The 39 Steps but not its sequel, Greenmantle, which is set in the Back of Beyond. Finally, I have heard lots of good things about Frankopan's The Silk Roads which provides a 'new' history of the world very much focused on central Asia...the Back of Beyond.

Should keep me busy for a while...