Sunday, 30 October 2016

Escaped from Colditz!

The boy and I managed to get a game of Escape from Colditz in over the half-term. It has been at least 30 years since I've played the game but reading the rules brought everything back.

The boy wanted to play the Brits so I got to be the Germans. We placed the turn marker on 50 as recommended in the rules for beginners and off we went. My son played quite cautiously...slowly picking up pieces of escape equipment and taking few chances...though I did get to arrest a few of his chaps and send them to solitary.

I was beginning to think the game was mine as there were less than 10 turns left and my son hadn't even attempted an escape yet. I also knew that if he was going to go it would be from the canteen as he was trying to get as many chaps as he could in there...but I was still confident. I had a guard on the other side of the wall waiting and a couple more in the barracks ready to go if needed. I also had my trump card...a shoot-to-kill Security card...should I need it. There was no way he could get two chaps out in so few turns and win the game.

So my son finally gets a double on the dice roll and, therefore, a decent movement...he goes for it. My guard gives chase....ending up just a few spaces behind. My son then plays an opportunity card...diversion.

This sends the guard giving chase to the Commandant's office. Okay. No sweat. I send another guard after him but roll poorly so he doesn't even get over the fence. My son, on the other hand, rolls another double for another high movement. Dammit. He's getting cocky now, though, sending another chap out of the canteen, over the walls and over the fence. Big mistake, I think. I play my trump card...shoot-to-kill. I'll get one of them and so there's no way he can win (you need to get two guys out to win).

My son smiles and plays his trump card...talisman. Damn. Okay, I can still get one of his guys if I roll high enough. I don't. I roll low and miss. My son makes another couple of decent rolls over the next couple of turns, managing to keep ahead of my guard. Finally getting both of his chaps out on the same turn...and winning the game with just two turns to go.

Guess what? My son loves Escape from Colditz! And despite the loss so do I. Great fun!

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