Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Temple of Set Indiegogo Campaign from Dark Fable Miniatures now live!

The Temple of Set Indiegogo Campaign from Dark Fable Miniatures is now live here.

Here's some of the blurb:

Welcome to Dark Fable Miniature's Temple of Set Indiegogo Campaign.  We have put together an exciting selection of miniatures from one of the most iconic adventure settings in fantasy fiction and films - the temple of Set, the snake god of chaos, evil and violence!  Within this sinister temple are said to be fabulous treasures such as the Eye of Set, a priceless jewel, guarded by a giant two-headed serpent, the Amphisbaena, which is ever vigilant and always hungry for the flesh of men . . . It is also a place where unspeakable rituals are performed by the prophet of Set in the flickering light of serpentine braziers.  Who knows what nefarious schemes are being plotted by the prophet of this dark god, who has a host of fanatical priests and merciless temple guards to do his bidding.  Only fools or fearless heroes would dare enter such an evil shrine to challenge the power of the prophet and his minions!

The Temple of Set Indiegogo campaign is the latest expansion of Dark Fable's pseudo-historical Egyptian range.  The concept and design of the miniatures are a mix of history, archaeology, fantasy fiction and Hollywood films.  The core group of miniatures consists of 6 sets: 1. Temple guards I, 2. Cultists I, 3. Amphisbaena and the Eye of Set, 4. Fearless Heroes, 5. Cultists II, 6. Temple guards II.  There are also a number of stretch goal rewards and add-ons which if unlocked, will expand the number of selections available.  David Soderquist also sculpted a FREE reward figure of the prophet of Set for returning contributors!  I was fortunate enough to recruit a highly talented band of sculpting desperadoes which you will be familiar with from my previous Indiegogo campaigns.  They include the most excellent David Soderquist, the talented Tim Prow, the amazing Andy Peiper and the brilliant Brother Vinni. These high-quality 28mm miniatures are made from a lead-free pewter alloy and have an incredible amount of detail and personality. Whether you are a collector or gamer you are certain to enjoy these figures! 
Here are the 6 basic sets:
Temple Guards I

Cultists I (inlcuding Prophet of Set)

The Amphisbaena and Eye of Set Jewel on Plinth

Fearless Heroes

Cultists II 

Temple Guards II
There are also various stretch goal add-ons. 
I shall certainly be backing this!

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