Thursday, 11 February 2016

Renedra Tower

Just saw this posted up on Renedra's Facebook page...

It's been a while since we showed anything of the Tower project that we are working on, but in between working on some of our customers upcoming projects for Salute release and beyond we have been steadily progressing this project. The initial release will be the Tower this can be customised to be either fantasy or generic - but our aim is for the Tower section to be utilised with sections of ramparts and crenellations to construct a full castle, this is still a work in progress and to date we have 3 frames to show, these are lower and middle wall sections, upper wall sections and a frame with portcullis, doors and corner pieces. The next frame we are working on is the Tower crenellations with two different sets of gargoyle and wall torches. The last part is a base, this goes inside the top section, and another one on the top that if not glued will be easy to remove allowing figures to be placed inside the top section firing weapons from the windows. What we are planning to do is sell the basic Tower as a boxed set and the other sections will be bagged and can be bought as individual sections as to customers requirements. Prices haven't been finalised yet. Our priority is to get the Tower finished for Salute release from us. We will have a diorama on our trade stand of the front section showing how this can be converted to a castle. We will also have pictures that we have taken on the workbench showing different ways in which the parts can be assembled to customise the build.

Renedra's first lot of Ruins look great and I have their second lot of Ruins primed and ready to paint (I'll get around to it soon, hopefully) so I shall certainly be picking the Castle and Tower bits up when they're released. 

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