Sunday, 13 December 2015

More about Studio Tomahawk's upcoming Congo!

Someone on the Lead Adventure forums posted a link to an old Beasts of War article on the forthcoming Congo from Studio Tomahawk. I've been eagerly awaiting any news on this set of rules so I'm surprised I missed this article from way back in October...anyway, here it is:

Studio Tomahawk have visited the Wargames Illustrated crew and they showed off how to play their upcoming game, Congo. While it’s neat to see it’s coming along nicely it was great to see some more of the components for the game which look very fun…

The game is set during a period that might not be very comfortable for some but looks to explore the conflicts between Colonial Explorers and Natives. Think Alan Quartermain and Victorian adventurers out there in the wilds.

The game looks like it not only has a range of statistic cards for use with the different units but a variety of cards that resolve actions and such too. I have no idea what half of those symbols mean but I love the fact that they’re looking to do something different once again, a little bit like they did with SAGA.

This era of history also means you get to explore a lot of interesting tabletops covered in exotic terrain. As well as the brush and savannah you can go deeper into the jungle and up into mountains. The geography of Africa is fantastic and this gives licence for a lot of terrain makers to go crazy.

I love the idea that maybe we’ll be seeing some ambushing animals hiding in the swamps. Getting attacked by crocodiles while trying to fend off arrogant explorers sounds like a great time indeed.

Can't wait! 

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