Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lucid Eye News

Lucid Eye just posted on their Facebook page that the Lucid Eye Savage Core range...some of my favourite figures...will be available direct from Warlord Games. There will also be new Savage Core releases in 2016 along with, it seems, a set of rules!

Anyway, here's the post:

News From The Future!
The Lucid Eye Savage Core range will shortly be available direct from Warlord Games!
Over the next few months, the Savage Core range will be available from the Warlord website, watch for further news. This will not supplant Arcane Scenery's sterling efforts in that direction, who will continue to stock the Lucid Eye ranges.
2016 promises to be a busy year for The Eye, as the Lucidea range comes to fruition, with further releases for Savage Core, and perhaps some further news of the Lucid Eye games system. What excitement! Hoo!
Meanwhile, all you supportive guys can bask in the seasonal light of good vibes emanating from the glowing, all seeing, mystical Eye of Lucidea.

Great news! 

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