Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Winter is Coming!

Necromancer (Hasslefree) and Apprentice (Hasslefree)

Matt finished my first lot of Frostgrave figures a few days ago and they arrived today! As always he has done a fantastic job!

I now have a few different pairs of Wizards and their Apprentices...

Witch (Otherworld) and Apprentice (Otherworld)

Elementalist (Reaper) and Apprentice (Hasslefree)

Elementalist (North Star) and Apprentice (North Star)

...and a selection of soldiers!

Soldiers (North Star)

Soldiers (Hasslefree and North Star Fantasy Worlds)

Soldiers (Otherworld, North Star, Reaper and Otherworld)

Soldiers (North Star, Otherworld and North Star)

And then there is this chap!


Really can't wait to get these on the table! Winter is coming!

All figures have been painted by the inimitable Matt Slade!

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