Thursday, 27 August 2015

Even More Frostgrave Terrain...and a 'How-To'!

I've finished a third bit of scatter terrain for Frostgrave. A couple of people have asked me to show photos of the work-in-progress so, although I'm sure most of you are much more accomplished than I at this sort of thing, here goes...

Renedra Bases 
Large Stone Bricks from Pegasus Hobbies glued together using Wood Glue for the walls.
A few Cork Boulders along with large Cork Granules and a Coarse Basing mix for the ground.
Plastic shield and helmet from the Frostgrave Soldiers box.

The whole thing liberally soaked with a 60:40 mix of wood glue and water.

Undercoated with a black Primer.

A coat of Charcoal applied to everything except the floor tiles.

Floor tiles given a coat of (the dodgy-sounding) Ruby Ring.

Another coat of Ruby Ring and the shield given a coat of Chaotic Red.

The tiles given a coat of Opulence.

The rest of the piece is drybrushed with a 50:50 mix of Charcoal and Fountain.
Same very lightly on the helmet and shield.

More drybrushing.
First with Fountain and then with a 50:50 mix of Fountain and Silver Birch.
Finally with a very light drybrush of Silver Birch.

Shield and Helmet given a light drybrush of Gun Metal.

Shield and Helmet given a light drybrush of Weapon Bronze.

Tiles given a wash of Dark Tone ink.

Here's the almost finished piece...

The final touch was to give a light wash of Green Ink to the helmet and shield to give it that aged look.

I'm quite pleased with it...especially considering this is just the third bit of terrain I've ever made. Any advice from all you old-hands is more than welcome!

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