Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sword Masters for Open Combat plus Pulp Alley Deck Boosters

My copy of Sword Masters...the new swashbuckling supplement for Open Combat...arrived yesterday. I've not had much chance to do more than skim through it so far but it looks to be full of new skills, abilities, weapons and scenarios focusing on swordplay, promising to add more depth to combat...and at £8 it's a bargain.

I also noticed that Second Thunder are now offering a cheaper paperback version of the rules. Containing the full rules and three scenarios, it is significantly cheaper than the £30 hardback at just £15 but it does strip out the Campaign Rules and Appendices. Definitely offers a cheaper entry point into the game, though.

I also noticed today that Pulp Alley are offering for pre-order some boosters for their Horror, Solo and Fortune decks. Sally 4th are doing a 10% discount on their pre-orders here.

So many shiny new toys...

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