Friday, 31 March 2017

Reinforcements for Congo!

I've just seen on the Studio Tomahawk Facebook page here that new reinforcement boxes for Congo will be available from Wargames Foundry from next week.

And, of course, the Death in the Dark Continent Nickstarter is currently running here.

I still have a bunch of Foundry Belgians to get painted up as well as assorted Ruga-Ruga, Askaris and Tribal Musketmen....not to mention all my North-West Frontier figs! But...partly because I've been re-reading The 39 Steps and Greenmantle and so have been thinking about Richard Hannay, Peter Pienaar and the Matabele Wars...I couldn't resist, I've just ordered some British South Africa Company and Boers to go along with my copy of Death in the Dark Continent!