Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Strange Aeons - Section O, British Secret Intelligence: Lord Blackwood, Captain Smith and Professor Magnus.

The first of our Strange Aeons characters...

Established shortly after the end of the Great War, Section O is a secret department within the British Secret Intelligence Service dedicated to protecting the British Empire from all things Occult, Paranormal and Supernatural. Able to call on all the vast resources of MI5 and MI6 as well as Special Branch, Section O also works closely with Threshold in the United States.

Lord Blackwood, along with his colleagues, Captain Smith and Professor Magnus, are Section O agents based in Egypt.

Lord Blackwood - Skills; Command, Heroic. Equipment: .45 Handgun, Knife.
Captain Smith - Skills: Accurate. Skills: Bolt Action Rifle, Knife.
Professor Magnus - Skills: Smart. Skills: .45 Handgun, Knife.