Monday, 27 July 2015


Over the last few months I've been picking up as much of the Battlefield-in-a-Box Gothic range as I can find and afford with a view to using it for the now-released and most excellent Frostgrave. Not an easy task as they are no longer made and much sought after. Still, I've managed to pick up just about enough for a Frostgrave table.

I did originally pick up a white felt sheet for the table but the contrast between it and the ruins was too stark nor do I want to add snow flock/tufts to the ruins as I want them to be useable for a variety of games. 

I'm very tempted by some of the Cigar Box mats but they are kind of pricey and I'm not sure if there would still be a contrast issue between mat and ruins if I get one of the Wintery ones. There is a Town Square mat which I think would work for a more thawed out Frostgrave and which I could easily use for In Her Majesty's Name, though. Hmm. What I really want is for them to make a (non-Wintery) Gothic Ruins or Castle Ruins mat! I shall have to mull things over some more.

For now, I guess what I really need are some smaller rubble and ruined wall pieces to break things up a bit more. I did pick up these Pegasus Hobbies Castle Turret Ruins which'll help a bit in that regard.

Some Wizards and Apprentices along with a few soldiers will be heading off to the inimitable Matt Slade for painting in the next week or so. I'll also be having a go at painting up the Frostgrave Soldiers Box myself (shock!) along with some Fireforge Templar Infantry and Games Workshop Vampire Counts Skeletons! Who'd a thunk it! Still, Matt needn't worry too much as it'll be a basic dip job!

Anyway, it won't be too long before my son and I shall be entering the ruins of Frostgrave for the very first time! Exciting stuff!