Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Mysterious Wu Fang! Part One - Companies and Set-Up - IHMN AAR

I finally got to give The Purple Lotus Tong an outing last weekend against my son and The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company. This post describes the Companies and the Set-Up.

The Purple Lotus Tong

Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Equipment
The Mysterious Wu Fang

2+ +2 0 +3 59 Leadership +2
Martial Artist
Mystical Powers (30)
-Dragon's Breath
-Dragon's Wings
Unarmed Martial Artist (+1 FV)

Peking Li Li 3+ +3 0 +1 47 Leadership +1
Mystical Powers (20)
-Dragon's Talons
-Zone of Shadows
Unarmed Martial Artist (+1 FV)

Big Wong 4+ +2 0 0 15 Fanatic Hammer (as Quarterstaff) (+3 FV)

3+ +5 0 0 45 Beserker

Thick Fur (9)
Talons (-1 Pluck, +1 FV)
Dragon Warrior 4+ +3 0 +2 23 Fanatic
Martial Artist
Unarmed Martial Artist (+1 FV)
Two-Handed Sword (-2 Pluck, +3 FV)
Tong Member 5+ +1 +1 0 16 Fanatic Lined Coat (8)
Fighting Knife (-1 Pluck, +1 FV)
Pistol (+1 SV)
Boxer 6+ 0 0 0 12

Fighting Knife (-1 Pluck, +1 FV)
Muzzle-Loading Rifle (-1 Pluck, +3 SV)

I figured I had a good chance of finally beating my son with this Company (but then I always think that, don't I!). Although they don't have the firepower of The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company, they are fast and pretty lethal in close combat, especially my two Yeti (I couldn't wait to get them into action!), and the main characters are pretty tough so shouldn't be easy to bring down. There are also some pretty handy Mystical Powers. Bring it on!

The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company

Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Equipment
Captain Napier
(Scots Guards)

3+ +4 +3 +1 65 Leadership +3
Fearless (ignores Terrifying)

SRC Breastplate (12)
Pistol (+1 SV)
Sabre (-1 Pluck, +2 FV)
Sergeant Borrage
(Grenadier Guards)
4+ +3 +3 0 41 Leadership +1
Bayonet Drill
Marksman (ignores cover)
Tough (+1 Pluck Shoot/Fight)
Brigandine (9)
Military Rifle (-1 Pluck, +3 SV, +3 FV)
Dr Wilson
(RAMC ret'd)
4+ +0 +2 +1 16 Medic Lined Coat (8)
Pistol (+1 SV)
Sapper Jones
5+ +2 +2 0 37 Strongman
Iron Will (immune Mind)
Brigandine (9)
Pistol (+1 SV)
Congreve Rocket Gun (-1 Pluck, +3 SV)
Rocket Grenade x2
Riflemen (x6)
(various regiments)
5+ +2 +2 0 27 Bayonet Drill
Marksman (ignores cover)

Brigandine (9)
Military Rifle (-1 Pluck, +3 SV, +3 FV)

My son has played these chaps before and really likes them! In fact, I think they are probably my favourite Company, too. No fancy tricks just a hail of bullets (and the odd grenade) followed up by some handy bayonet work! Funnily enough, he didn't look too worried by my Tong....I guess my track record hasn't been great. Well, this time I'd show him!

The Scenario

The Purple Lotus Tong have quickly established themselves as one of the most ruthless criminal networks in the East End of London. Apart from their criminal activities, they are dedicated to bringing terror and chaos to the country by targeting senior officials and ministers. And yet, despite concerted efforts by Scotland Yard, the upper echelons of the Tong remain elusive. Indeed, it is said that no-one has ever seen the leader, the mysterious Wu Fang, and lived to tell the tale!

Finally, Scotland Yard get a lead that the mysterious Wu Fang is to meet Peking Li Li in the Chinese gardens of Wychwood House, north of London. The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company, billeted nearby, receive orders to proceed immediately to the house and capture or kill Wu Fang and his associates. 

The game is on!

We agreed that the overall objective would be for the Mysterious Wu Fang to avoid capture or death but, in addition, there would be 1 Victory Point for each enemy killed and 5 Victory Points for a leader. 

The Chinese Garden, Wychwood House.

The Chinese Garden, Wychwood House, from above.

A concealed entrance to an underground lair and series of  tunnels.

A second concealed entrance to the underground lair and tunnels.

The Purple Lotus Tong.

The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company.

The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company set up on the table edge.

The Purple Lotus Tong set up inside the gardens.

 The next post will cover the battle itself, so stay tuned for:

The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company in...The Mysterious Wu Fang!

All miniatures were painted by the inimitable Matt Slade! The scenery is mostly aquarium stuff but the walls are Pegasus Hobbies and the cobblestone roads are Flames of War Battlefield in a Box.