Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lord Curr in...The Hidden Valley! Part One - Companies and Set-Up - IHMN AAR

My son and I had another fun game of IHMN a couple of weeks ago. This post describes the Companies involved and the Set-Up.

This game was a little different to the usual. We went for a Lost World-style scenario with my son playing Lord Curr's Company trying to escape from The Hidden Valley which they had inadvertently entered via a treacherous underground river. And there is only one way out! I got to play a variety of Lost World beasts...including DINOSAURS!

Lord Curr's Company

Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Equipment
Lord Curr 3+ +3 +3 +1 58 Leadership +2
Fearless (ignores Terrifying)
Hunter (can shoot into groups)

Faraday Coat (8/11)
Arc Rifle (-2 Pluck, +1 SV)
Pistol (+1 SV)
Bullwhip (-1 Pluck)
Mad Mick 4+ +0 +2 0 72 Engineer
Fanatic (re-roll 1st Pluck fail)
Grenadier (throw 5” +SV)
Tough (+1 Pluck Shoot/Fight)

Jack Armour (8)
Arc Pistol (-1 Pluck, +1 SV)
Grenades x3 (-1 Pluck, 5”+ SV, +5 attk)
Arc Generator
Lady Felicity 4+ +0 +4 0 26 Gunslinger (split SV)

Magneto Static Bodice (9)
Pistols x2 (+1 SV)
Mohan Singh 4+ +3 +2 +1 52 Strongman
Iron Will

Jack Armour (8)
Sword (-1 Pluck, +2 FV)
Machine Gun (-2 Pluck, +5 SV)
Incorrigibles (x6) 5+ +2 +2 0 102 (17 each)

Brigandine (9)
Military Rifle (-1 Pluck, +3 SV)
Total Cost: 310

My son has played Lord Curr's Company before, particularly liking the Mighty Mohan Singh as well as the Lord Curr's Arc Rifle. As it turned out Mohan Singh's machine gun was the weapon of the game!

Lost World Bestiary

Animal Move/Run Pluck FV SV Armour Weapon Bonus Pluck Penalty Cost Talents
Ape, Giant 9”/+4 4+ +5 +2 8 +1 -1 43 Beserker
Boa, Giant 6”/+0 5+ +3 0 7 +2 0 31

Crocodile, Giant 6”/+0 4+ +3 0 9 +2 -2 32

Tyrannosaurus Rex 9”/+4 3+ +5 0 10 +2 -3 62 Fearless
Velociraptor 9”/+4 4+ +4 0 8 +1 -1 23 Tough
1Constriction – see HVF p. 10, note 1

Note: All of the above are territorial predators that will attack the first creature that comes within reach of their normal move.

I had one giant Ape, one giant Boa and one giant Crocodile as well as four Velociraptors and two terrifying T-Rexes! This came to 325 points. 

The Scenario

We decided that I would place the beasties around the table first and then Lord Curr's Company would start from the table edge. The creatures would stay stationary until someone came within their move distance, then they would attack and continue to do so. This actually turned out to be a bit of a mistake (as you will see in the battle report post) making it too easy for Lord Curr's Company to avoid them and shoot from a distance. Lesson learnt! Next time we'll roll a d10 and have the beasties move that amount (up to their maximum) in a random direction. 

The table...with the exit guarded by the Giant Ape

Giant Boa hidden in the river!

The mouth of the river from which Lord Curr had entered the Hidden Valley!

Velociraptor pack!

Giant Crocodile near the mouth of the river!

A terrifying T-Rex!

Giant Ape guarding the exit to the Hidden Valley!

Lord Curr's Company starting at the opposite table edge!

The next post will cover the battle itself, so stay tuned for...


All miniatures were painted by the inimitable Matt Slade! The scenery is a mixed bag of aquarium decorations and the beasties are Schleich toys.

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