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Skirmish in the Sudan, part two - IHMN AAR

In my previous post I covered the scenario, companies and set-up in more detail, but essentially The Servants of Ra started from the bottom edge of the table and had to reach the Amulet of Ra located in the top room of the tall building at the top of the table. The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company set up anywhere in the top half of the town and had to stop The Servants of Ra reaching the Amulet. There was a 4 turn time limit at the end of which the 66th Foot would arrive to reinforce The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company and The Servants of Ra must flee.

Captain Napier posted riflemen on the rooftops to cover the approaches to the building. The rest of the company positioned themselves behind the sandbags near the building containing the Amulet.

Turn One

The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company win initiative but, with minor adjustments, keep to their positions. The Servants of Ra approach the town at a run, well aware of the formidable reputation of the British rifleman, trying to keep within cover...all except Akhenaton who uses his mystical powers to Cloud Men's Minds! The riflemen's reputation is well-earned as a couple of Cultists are immediately picked off by the men on the rooftops.

 Two Dead Cultists!

 Akhenaton knows no fear!

 The approaches covered by riflemen!

 Ready for action, Sir!

 Dr Wilson stands ready to attend any injuries!

Rooms with a view!

Turn Two

The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company win initiative and again mainly keep to their positions. Another Cultist falls to a shot from the rooftops but the rest of them find cover in the narrow streets. Captain Napier, though, does surprise the swift-footed Saira. Their blades clash but any thrusts are expertly parried. Both the Mummy and Professor Abir use their mystical powers and The Path of Shadows allows them to advance  in safety. Akhenaton ignores everyone, indifferent to their feeble attempts to stop him, and continues to head towards the Amulet of Ra.

The Cultists advance throught the narrow streets!

But are still not safe!

 Sapper Jones!

Sergeant Borrage!

Captain Napier meets the beautiful Saira...

...with his sabre!

The Mummy uses The Path of Shadows!

Akhenaton knows no fear!

Turn Three

The Servants of Ra win initiative this turn and continue to advance as fast as they can but another Cultist falls to the withering fire from the rooftops. Professor Abir and the Mummy again use The Path of Shadows...the Mummy getting to the open square in front of the building. This turns out to be a mistake as Sapper Jones uses his Congreve Rocket Gun to land a grenade in front of the Mummy. It seems that ancient wrappings are highly flammable...the Mummy is quickly engulfed in flames and destroyed! Saira and Captain Napier continue to cut and thrust...to little effect. Finally, Akhenaton, too, reaches the open square and is immediately attacked by two brave riflemen and their bayonets...but these feeble attempts do little to distract him.

Another Cultist bites the dust!

Professor Abir is in The Path of Shadows!

Sapper Jones unleashes the Congreve Rocket Gun...

...and the Mummy goes up in flames!

 Saira seems to be distracted, such a fine figure of a man...

...whilst the Captain seems captivated by those sultry eyes!

Akhenaton ignores any attempts to stop him!

A General surveys his troops and is pleased with what he sees!

Turn Four

The Servants of Ra again win initiative and make a last ditch attempt to reach the Amulet. Another two Cultists fall to rifle fire...leaving just two remaining. Captain Napier continues to distract Saira from her objective. Professor Abir uses Path of Shadows one last time to get within spitting distance of the building. Dr Wilson takes a shot at him but, a little out of practice, misses him. Akhenaton easily disengages from the bayonet wielding riflemen who are trying to stop him. He attempts to use his mystical powers to Levitate to the top of the building...but his powers seem to have deserted him. Instead, he advances only to be met by two more riflemen and the formidable Sergeant Borrage. Yet, even they can't touch the terrifying Akhenaton. But, a bugle is heard. It is the 66th Foot! They are here! Akhenaton gives the soldiers of the Company a withering glare before turning around and disappearing back into the desert. So close!

Another Cultist falls!

Not many left now.

Flashing Blades!

Professor Abir dodges a shot from the good Doctor.

Sergeant Borrage takes on Akhenaton...

...but no-one can touch the ancient Pharoah!

As the Company wonder how they can stop Akhenaton they hear the sound of bugles. The 66th Foot are here! The Company have done their job.

So my son won a resounding victory...and without losing a man. Seems I need to up my game! He absolutely loved In Her Majesty's Name and picked up the rules really quickly. More importantly, he also picked up the tactics really quickly using his men effectively. The game took two hours (not including the set-up) and he was completely engaged for the whole time. Not bad for an almost 9 year old. We're both very much looking forward to the next game.

Figures were all painted by the inimitable Matt Slade and the buildings were made by The Colonial Steamboat Company

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