Thursday, 27 November 2014

Behold King Aeetes and Circe!

Just got the news that Matt Slade has finished one of my 7th Voyage casts and that they're on their way.

Behold King Aeetes and Circe in all their glory with some of the Palace Guard (Foundry)!

Circe's giant snakes (Otherworld Miniatures)!

And King Aeetes' skeletons (Foundry)!

Matt has done an amazing job , as always...I especially love the verdigris on the skeletons!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ancient cobra statue

A piece of aquarium decor arrived in the post ancient cobra statue from Pets-at-Home. Someone posted about it on the In Her Majesty's Name Facebook page a few days ago and I thought it would be perfect for 7th Voyage as well as In Her Majesty's Name. They also do an ancient jaguar statue and both are currently on offer (3for2).

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

On the kitchen table, part one: the desert

The kitchen table is where we shall be doing battle. It's a pretty good size...about 4' by 3' so ideal for the skirmish games we'll be playing.

When I started wargaming I was a bit initimidated by all the amazing terrain you see on the various blogs especially considering how rubbish I am at anything DIY (these fat, clumsy fingers just weren't made for finesse!). So I never thought I'd be able have a decent wargames table at home but I've managed to pick up enough terrain over the last couple of years to put together two distinct tables.

The first is a Middle-Eastern or North African style desert setting:

The buildings come from The Colonial Steamboat Company and the Ancient Egyptian ruins are aquarium decorations by Europet Bernina (available on Amazon). 

The figures in the above picture are The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company for In Her Majesty's Name painted by Matt Slade of Glenbrook Games.

In this one I've replaced the Ancient Egyptian stuff with a few more buildings and some Pegasus Hobbies' crates and sandbags. The figures are Lord Curr's Company for In Her Majesty's Name and Ironclad Miniatures' Sanwar Warriors...again painted by the inimitable Matt Slade. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

The games we play.

I plan on starting my son off with In Her Majesty's Name. It's a fairly straightforward set of rules and a lot of fun. Perfect, I think, for an 8 year-old boy to start off with. I also have a variety of companies ready to go thanks to Matt Slade of Glenbrook Games.

Matt is also doing some 7th Voyage casts for me so those will also feature later on.

And finally...I've recently picked up and started painting up some Fireforge figures. I'm new to this painting business but thanks to the wonders of dipping even my poor attempts look half decent. Once those are done I plan on getting some Gripping Beast Arabs for an opposing army and then hopefully we shall be playing some Lion Rampant (I've had a few games and really enjoyed them!).

Sunday, 23 November 2014

First Post

I'm going to be introducing my son to the world of wargaming. We're both pretty excited. This blog will hopefully chart our progress. It'll be picture heavy and text light...and probably fairly intermittent. But's more for us than anyone else. A wargames diary of sorts. So there it is.