Sunday, 15 May 2016

Against the Trolls - Blood Eagle AAR

The boy and I have at last finished the comic book battle report for the Blood Eagle game we had a couple of weeks ago! Hoorah!

Although it was our first game of Blood Eagle we are old hands at playing In Her Majesty's Name so we decided to straight away try out all the 'new' stuff by going for a 'legendary' game with Hero Points, Pagan Magic and Legendary Creatures. We quickly put together a 'legendary' Viking warband...the Brothers Magnusson...using the rules for making up warbands and then, using the bestiary as inspiration, we made up our own take on trolls...a Troldfolk warband. This is one of the things I love about both In Her Majesty's Name and Blood is so easy to adapt and make up whatever you want, indeed, you are actively encouraged to do so! I probably have as much fun making up warbands, companies and beasties as I do playing the game!

Anyway, after making up the warbands my son and I finally managed to find a free afternoon to get a game in a couple of weeks ago. We made up our own scenario...a legendary sword in the middle of the table which the Vikings need to get off the table. The Trolls need to stop them. My boy wanted to play the Trolls so I took the Vikings. I must admit I was a bit worried that the Trolls would tear the poor Vikings apart in record time...

...well, without further ado, here is the battle report!

You can find a bigger and easier-to-read PDF version on Google Drive here and Dropbox here.

As you can see my fears were groundless! The Vikings won the day! Closely fought to begin with...the dice gods were smiling on me that day as in one turn I managed some outstanding rolls whilst my son 's luck deserted him and he lost three of his Trolls including the big chap. Despite the sudden surprise defeat, my son loved it...we both had a lot of fun.

Next time we hope to have the Brothers Magnusson ambushed by some Skraelings under the leadership of a Shaman!

All the miniatures were painted for me by the inimitable Matt Slade of Glenbrook Games.

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