Monday, 22 August 2016

More British Infantry for the North West Frontier

I got my latest lot of figs back from Matt Slade last week. This time more British Infantry for the North West Frontier. Matt has, as always, done a superb job.

To be honest, I had hoped that by this time I would have enough North West Frontier figs to start playing The Men Who Would Be Kings when it is released next month. Sadly, though, I have been distracted by various shiny new toys over the last several months, not least Congo...for which I have just bought a load more figs that will keep Matt busy for the next few months. And this despite the fact that I already have enough figs for a White Men's Expedition force and almost enough for an African Kingdoms one, too...but there are just too many nice Darkest Africa figs dazzling me with their shiny newness!

However, I may well be able to use The Men Who Would Be Kings for some Darkest Africa games...

Thursday, 18 August 2016

A White Men's Expedition for Congo!

A White Man's Expedition

So I recently caved in and bought Congo - Adventures in the Heart of Africa which arrived yesterday. I've had a quick skim well as being a gorgeous book to look at...the rules seem like a lot of fun. Even better...I already have enough figs to field a decent White Men's Expedition force!

Here is a 90 Point force ready for The King of the Apes adventure (one of the scenarios which comes with the book)...

The Explorer (Free Character)
The Reporter (Free Character)
The Adventurer (11 Points) (*see below)
The Soldier (21 Points) (*see below)
The Bearer (Auxiliary 2 Points)
Trained Askari (16 Points)
Ruga-Ruga (20 Points)
Ruga-Ruga (20 Points)
A table for The King of the Apes adventure. The brown area marks the Giant
Apes territory whilst the green areas are dangerous terrain.

Buying a rule book and having enough figures to play already is a first for me so I'm pretty chuffed! I'm also well on the way to having enough figs for an African Kingdoms or Forest Tribes force, too.

I should also be getting my first game in next week as Matt Slade and a gaming buddy of his are popping over one evening to show me the ropes. Really looking forward to giving these rules a go!

* EDIT - It has kindly been pointed out to me that I misread the rules for both Soldiers and Adventurers. You are allowed 0-1 Units of both Soldiers and Adventurers in your Column not 0-1 Soldiers or Adventurers. An Adventurer Unit consists of 3 figs and a Soldier Unit of 4 figs. Fortunately, I still have enough...

Adventurers (11 Points)

Soldiers (21 Points)
Thanks to Drew Wood for pointing out my mistake!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Dice Bags for Congo

The talented Mrs Slade...wife of the inimitable Matt Slade of Glenbrook Games...has started making these rather brilliant dice bags for Congo! From the Congo - Adventures in the Heart of Africa Fan Page on Facebook...

Some of you may have seen the bespoke gaming bags that we have been selling at shows over the last year or so. Upon hearing rumours on the jungle telegraph of bags for stress tokens in the Congo game, my clever wife has been out hunting faux leopard in the Royal Forest of Dean and has returned with a stash of faux fur pelts and knocked this one up for me today. It is lined with a black satin effect material and is finished off with a sturdy black draw string.

We have been trading glass beads with the Forest of Dean tribes for faux zebra and giraffe skins and will be going into production mode within the week.

if anyone would like one, message me through Facebook or on They are £10 each plus postage.

Of course, I had to order one immediately. And resolution to hold off buying the Congo rule book lasted less than two weeks. I ordered a copy yesterday. I blame it on the Facebook fan pages, blogs and forums. I just hope I have enough figures already!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

VSF British Sailors

According to North Star's Facebook page, these VSF British Sailors...part of Artizan's Midnight Workshop FOG range...will soon be available! Lovely figs and a must-buy for me.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

IPMS Avon 26th Annual Show and Airfix Battles Introductory Wargame

As you may know, I have recently moved to Thornbury, a pretty little town to the north of Bristol and...I have only recently discovered...home to the annual IPMS Avon Plastic Model and Wargaming Show...which just happened to be today! My kids and I are just back from a fun afternoon wandering the three large halls full of modelling and wargaming goodies.

We also came away with a copy of the Airfix Battles Introductory Wargame...

I've had my eye on this for a while as a game that...I hope...the kids will be able to play by themselves (though my son is an old hand at beating his daddy on the wargames table, my daughter has only just turned seven...but she is desperate to get in on the action, too!) after a few practice games with me.  I shall let you know how that goes once we've had a game or two.

The main highlight, though, was I finally got to meet Matt Slade...the man who has been painting my figures for me for the past couple of person at last! A real pleasure to meet him at long last. I also got the chance to say a quick hello to the Dice Bag Lady, too!

All in all, a rather fun afternoon in my new home town!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Congo Rule Book and Box Sets Out Now!

Congo is now available to buy. The rule book costs £34 and includes various tokens, cards and sheets.

Wargames Foundry also has various miniature box sets to get you started...

...costing between £35 and £48. 

Uncharacteristically, I'm holding off picking anything up at the moment. This is mainly due to the fact that after boxing up all my many books, games and figures for the move, I really am wondering whether I can justify buying yet more stuff. There were an awful lot of boxes! I'm sure this feeling will pass, though...and the rulebook does look nice and shiny...and I probably have enough darkest Africa figs to play straight away....