Sunday, 31 January 2016

More Lost World Adventurers from Antediluvian Miniatures

Antediluvian Miniatures has just posted up a preview of their next three Lost World adventurers on their Facebook page

From their Facebook post: 'A preview of our next three lost world adventurers wip. The ravishing Caroline Munro, a rifle armed Shug McClure variant, and Toruk-Son of Bone, native American dinosaur hunter! Sculpted by Matthew Bickley."

Caroline Munro

Shug McLure variant

Toruk, Son of Bone
Just superb! Can't wait! 

Friday, 29 January 2016

Upcoming Temple of Set Indiegogo Campaign from Dark Fable Miniatures

Dark Fable Miniatures will be launching an Indiegogo campaign on February 8th to fund a Temple of Set 28mm range of miniatures consisting of six core sets. I have to say that from the pictures these look absolutely superb...I shall certainly have to pick some up!

Thanks to Tim Knight of Heropress for bringing this to my attention...he's forever helping me part with my cash!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Badlands Bluff - Battlefield in a Box

The Battlefield in a Box Gothic range is impossible to get hold of these days but the Badlands range has always been even rarer. Not only are they perfect for Wild West games but they'd look pretty good in the Lost World and on Mars, too! I've been on the look-out for anything from the range for a long time but to no avail. So when I got an eBay alert that something was available I assumed it would be outrageously priced but I was in luck....they had the Badlands Bluff and not only was it on Buy-it-Now at retail price but they had a couple for sale! Blimey! I didn't hesitate in picking them up straight away.

These will do very nicely for our planned In Her Majesty's Name Mars campaign later on in the year...

The figures are from Ironclad Miniatures and make up our Jah Mors, Prince of Mars In Her Majesty's Name Company, painted for us, as always, by the inimitable Matt Slade of Glenbrook Games.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Dark Shadow in the Hills - Dragon Rampant Battle Report

The boy and I had our first game of Dragon Rampant last weekend. It was great fun!

We already had a few games of Lion Rampant under our belts so we were familiar with the rules...and those rules are very simple and straightforward whilst at the same time offering plenty of tactical choices. The game plays fast and furious and is bundles of fun! We highly recommend it!

What's more, the introduction of Strength Points and Fantastical Abilites has made an already flexible system that much better. Warband creation is as quick and easy as ever but Strength Points now mean that you can field Single Model Units and Reduced Model Units! Inspired!

I have to say that, much as we enjoy Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant is even more fun. Simpler and less fiddly, quicker to pick up and play but at the same time more flexible and just as tactical. A huge thumbs up from us. Can't wait for the next in the series using the same rules....The Men Who Would Be Kings and The Pikemen's Lament.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the battle report....

* The Wraith Knights and Armoured Skeletons should be (RMU) not (SMU).

Yep. You guessed it. I was playing the bad guys and my son the good guys. And I lost. Again. And despite having an extra couple of points-worth in my warband. And it all started so well...

Here's a Dropbox link and a Google Drive link to a PDF of the battle report. Much bigger and easier to read, if you are so inclined. 

The miniatures are mainly a mix of North Star Frostgrave, Red Box and Hasslefree and were all painted for me by the inimitable Matt Slade of Glenbrook Games

Now I really must get around to doing the battle report for our Christmas game of Dead Man's Hand...

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Coming soon...

We had our first game of Dragon Rampant today...and it was great fun. I really like these rules. Really. A lot!

I shall try and get the battle report up some time next week!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Dragon Rampant - From The Frozen Wastes

In preparation for Sunday's game of Dragon Rampant, here are the opponents for The Northern Tribes warband I posted up a few days ago...again these are made up mainly from Frostgrave figures. The creatures From the Frozen Wastes...

The Lich Lord (Single Model Unit)
Heavy Missiles (Magical Lightning Bolts) + Leader + Summoner + Undead (Fear) @ 9 Points

Undead Champion (Single Model Unit)
Elite Foot + Undead (Fear) @ 8 Points

Ghoul King (Single Model Unit)
Bellicose Foot + Hatred (Humans) @ 5 Points

Wraith Knights (Reduced Model Unit)
Elite Foot + Undead (No Feelings) @ 6 Points

Armoured Skeletons (Reduced Model Unit)
Heavy Foot + Undead (No Feelings) @ 4 Points

Wight (Single Model Unit)
Lesser Warbeast + Invisibility + Undead (No Feelings) @ 7 Points

Snow Trolls (Reduced Model Unit)
Lesser Warbeasts @ 4 Points

White Gorillas (Single Model Unit)
Greater Warbeast @ 6 Points each

White Apes (Reduced Model Unit)
Lesser Warbeast + Cunning @ 6 Points

That's 61 Points worth (each White Gorilla being one Single Model Unit) with just 18 miniatures! It might not look as impressive as a huge horde on the table but it does mean those of us that don't have big fantasy armies to plunder for figures can get a game in relatively easily! 

Anyway, as The Northern Tribes can field a maximum of 36 points we'll have to wisely choose a similar points amount for Sunday's game....

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Men Who Would Be Kings Cover!

Just in case you haven't seen the superb Peter Dennis cover for the upcoming The Men Who Would Be Kings by Dan Mersey!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Beginning of the Thaw!

My latest lot of miniatures arrived today from Matt at Glenbrook Games...the first half of my Thaw of the Lich Lord Nickstarter figs for Frostgrave. Matt has, as always, done a superb job.

Lich Lord - North Star
Undead Champion - North Star
Ghoul King - North Star
Frost Wraith - North Star
Wraith Knights - North Star
Armoured Skeletons - North Star
Snow Trolls - North Star
White Gorillas - North Star
White Apes - Lucid Eye
Bear - North Star
Can't wait to get them on the gaming table...though I shall actually be using them in our first game of Dragon Rampant this weekend rather than Frostgrave!