Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Chieftain's Hall from Adrian's Walls

I recently took advantage of Adrian's Walls' Anniversary Sale and picked up their Dark Ages Chieftain's Hall and Wattle Fencing and Pen Pack to go with the Saxon Church I got a while back. I'm really pleased with everything! It all looks fantastic on the table...well, I shall let the pics do the talking!

My son and I should be having our first game of Dark Ages Lion Rampant (using the Dark Ages modifications from WI 331) together this weekend!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Pulp Leagues, A Pulp Alley Expansion

Just in case anyone's missed the news...Pulp Alley posted on their Facebook page that they will soon be releasing a new expansion, Pulp Leagues. Here's what they said:

"We're working hard to finish writing our fifth book "Pulp Leagues" before the end of July. Then it may take a couple months to complete editing/layout/printing/... so we're probably looking at an October release. More to come....."

Monday, 27 July 2015


Over the last few months I've been picking up as much of the Battlefield-in-a-Box Gothic range as I can find and afford with a view to using it for the now-released and most excellent Frostgrave. Not an easy task as they are no longer made and much sought after. Still, I've managed to pick up just about enough for a Frostgrave table.

I did originally pick up a white felt sheet for the table but the contrast between it and the ruins was too stark nor do I want to add snow flock/tufts to the ruins as I want them to be useable for a variety of games. 

I'm very tempted by some of the Cigar Box mats but they are kind of pricey and I'm not sure if there would still be a contrast issue between mat and ruins if I get one of the Wintery ones. There is a Town Square mat which I think would work for a more thawed out Frostgrave and which I could easily use for In Her Majesty's Name, though. Hmm. What I really want is for them to make a (non-Wintery) Gothic Ruins or Castle Ruins mat! I shall have to mull things over some more.

For now, I guess what I really need are some smaller rubble and ruined wall pieces to break things up a bit more. I did pick up these Pegasus Hobbies Castle Turret Ruins which'll help a bit in that regard.

Some Wizards and Apprentices along with a few soldiers will be heading off to the inimitable Matt Slade for painting in the next week or so. I'll also be having a go at painting up the Frostgrave Soldiers Box myself (shock!) along with some Fireforge Templar Infantry and Games Workshop Vampire Counts Skeletons! Who'd a thunk it! Still, Matt needn't worry too much as it'll be a basic dip job!

Anyway, it won't be too long before my son and I shall be entering the ruins of Frostgrave for the very first time! Exciting stuff!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Atlantean Guardians from Antediluvian Miniatures

Antediluvian Miniatures has posted a bit more info on their Facebook page about their forthcoming Atlantean Guardians:

"Ian Mountain has been working on some variant poses for our forthcoming Atlantean Guardians! We will also have a mystical leader for these mysterious fellows, and another couple of poses soon!"

I'm really looking forward to these!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pulp Alley Cards for Antediluvian Miniatures' Lost World Adventurers!

Antediluvian Miniatures currently has a limited number of Pulp Alley cards for their Lost World Adventurers and is sending them out free to those who have bought all three from them. Just send them an email. Mine arrived today!

I know I keep saying it...usually after seeing another brilliant Pulp Alley AAR...but I really must get my act together and give Pulp Alley a go!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Osprey Adventures - Dark Osprey

Not strictly wargaming but I recently got Osprey's latest offering in their Osprey Adventures - Dark Osprey range...The Wars of Atlantis. A great read and full of inspirational ideas for your wargames!

I already have two of the previous offerings in the series...Knights Templars A Secret History and Nazi Occult which I also enjoyed immensely. Basically, each book takes the myths, legends and stories based around a particular subject and then writes them up as a 'history'. As I said, great reads and full of ideas for your skirmish Pulp and VSF games...especially for those of you who like to spend some time on the background of each game!

More are due out over the next six months...

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Ambush! Part One - Companies and Set-Up - IHMN AAR

Lady Blackwood has a much needed cup of tea at the Base Camp

Ambush! is the second chapter in our A Lost World Adventure campaign and follows on from Into the Unknown!

Expeditionary Camp

Whilst Lord Blackwood takes his party of explorers out and comes face to face with terrifying creatures from long ago (see Into the Unknown!), the rest of the expedition, under the eagle-eyed Allan Quatermain and no-nonsense Lady Blackwood, set up camp near the river which brought them to this strange land. 

The remaining Expedition Members at the camp with Caesar and his Ape Warriors

Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Equipment
Sir Allan Quatermain

3+ +2 +4 0 74 Leadership +2
Jack Armour (8)
Hunting Rifle (-2 Pluck, +4 SV)
Pistol (+1 SV)
Machete (as Fighting Knife) (-1 Pluck, +1 FV)
Hunter 4+ +1 +2 0 28 Hunter Hunting Rifle (-2 Pluck, +4 SV)

Lady Blackwood 4+ 0 +2 0 27 Leadership +1
Sharp Tongue (Erudite Wit)
Magneto-Static Parasol (9)
Pistol (+1 SV)

Professor Percival Stone 4+ +1 +1 0 24 Duellist (Pistol)
Erudite Wit
Pistol (+1 SV)
Archaeologist/Scientist 5+ +1 +1 0 7

Pistol (+1 SV)

Native 5+ +1 +1 +1 17

Military Rifle (-1 Pluck, +3 SV)
Machete (-1 Pluck, +1 FV)

Caesar, King of the Apes

Meanwhile, Caesar, King of the Apes and friend of Zan-Tar, Lord of the Jungle, is following an Atlantean War Party...

Caesar, King of the Apes and his two Ape Warriors

Pluck FV SV Speed Cost Talents Equipment
Caesar, King of the Apes

3+ +4 +2 +2 43 Leadership +2
Spear (-1 Pluck, +2 FV)
Ape 5+ +2 +2 +2 18 Stealthy Spear (-1 Pluck, +2 FV)

Atlantean War Party

Unbeknownst to the those at the Base Camp, their arrival has been noticed! Before long a party of Natives along with their Atlantean masters and some of their fearsome War Apes approach the camp...AMBUSH!

The Atlantean War Party
Atlantean Strategos 4+ +3 0 0 32 Leadership +1
Lightning Draw
Brigandine & Shield (10)
Sword (-1 Pluck, +2 FV)
Atlantean Hoplite 5+ +2 0 0 20 Fanatic
Brigandine & Shield (10)
Sword (-1 Pluck, +2 FV)

Animal Move/Run Pluck FV SV Armour Weapon Bonus Pluck Penalty Cost Talents
Atlantean War Ape 6”/+3 4+ +4 0 8 +1 -1 24 Beserker

Witchdoctor 4+ +1 +1 +2 50 Numb
Mystical Powers -
Zone of Shadows
Staff (+3)
War Leader 4+ +2 +2 +1 30 Leadership +1
Spear (-1 Pluck, +2 FV/SV)

Elite Warrior 5+ +2 +2 +1 22 Skirmisher Spear (-1 Pluck, +2 FV/SV)
Warrior 6+ +1 +1 +1 14 Skirmisher Spear (-1 Pluck, +2 FV/SV)
Archer 6+ 0 +3 +1 15 Skirmisher Bow (+2 SV)

Here are some more pics!

War Leader and Witchdoctor

War Leader and Warriors


Atlantean War Apes

Professor Stone, Lady Blackwood and Allan Quatermain

Scientists and Archaeologists

The Camp and its surrounds from the North

The Camp and its surrounds from the South

The Camp

The Camp

The Camp

The Camp

Tune in soon for the next installment...the Comic Book Battle Report!

You can get the PDF of my Complete Lost World for In Her Majesty's Name on Dropbox or Google Drive.

All miniatures were painted by the inimitable Matt Slade! The scenery is a mix of aquarium stuff along with tents from Renedra and crates from Pegasus Hobbies.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

New FOG figures from Artizan and upcoming Lucidea releases!

North Star have just mentioned on their Facebook Page that there will be some new figures available later on today in Artizan's FOG range.

These look great! And now there are enough for both a Red Planet and a London Underworld Company for In Her Majesty's Name! I shall be picking them up as soon as they're up on the Artizan page!

Also, Lucid Eye on their Facebook Page have released a pic of two new figures for their upcoming Lucidea range. I like these figs a lot...though I'm not quite sure what I'd do with them. 7TV Casts, perhaps.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Ua'Vathar, Lord of the Sunken City from Lucid Eye

I've just noticed that Lucid Eye have released another figure in their Savage Core range; Ua'Vathar, Lord of the Sunken City.

I'm not sure about this one...I think I'll hold off and see if he gets any companion figures, though I think I may end up giving him a miss and getting Antediluvian Miniatures' upcoming Warriors of Atlantis, instead.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Into the Unknown! Part Two - Comic Book Battle Report - IHMN AAR

Apologies once again for the long delay between Part One - Companies and Set-Up and this, Part Two - Comic Book Battle Report! But here it is at last! Enjoy!

Here's a Dropbox Link and a Google Drive Link to a PDF version which is a bit bigger and easier to read!

So I played Lord Blackwood's Explorers as well as Zan-Tar and his companions whilst my boy played the fearsome denizens of the Lost World! I had a bit of a scare when the T-Rexes dealt so quickly with Zan-Tar, Ne-Ja and Helene but in the end the Expedition's rifles made all the difference and I managed to win another game against the boy! Huzzah!

We've since had a second game in The Lost World...I am very behind with these AARS...this time some of Lord Blackwood's Expedition have been ambushed by natives and some strange men who look remarkably like Ancient Greeks even down to the swords and shields! Tune in next time!

All my miniatures were painted by the inimitable Matt Slade! The scenery is mostly a mixed bag of aquarium decorations with the exception of the ponds which are Battlefield in a Box.