Friday 15 July 2016

Thulsa Doom!

I've found the between clearing the loft and boxing things make another quick post as yesterday I got my latest batch of painted figs from the talented Mr Slade of Glenbrook Games. Behold...Thulsa Doom!

Thulsa Doom

These are from the recent Dark Fables Miniatures Indiegogo Temple of Set campaign. Lovely figs!

Stheno, Consort of Set

Stheno, the Gorgon

Stheno...before and after!
Thulsa Doom and his priests!
Matt always...done a fantastic job on these! I can't wait to get these onto the table against my Conan warband...though, unfortuntately, that will have to wait until I've moved and found all my stuff amidst the many boxes!

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