Wednesday 25 October 2017

Another Custom Dice Bag from Saddle Goose Designs

I have a bit of a thing about dice. I've got quite a few. Few hundred...that is. Maybe even several hundred. I know...I need help. But with so many dice I also like to have somewhere nice to pull them from on game days.

This is where Saddle Goose Designs comes in. They make great dice bags. I just got another one to add to the two I already have.

My three Saddle Goose Designs Dice Bags 

This one has an Elder Sign on it because I also have a bit of a thing about Lovecraft and Lovecraft inspired games...of which I also have quite a few. looks brilliant! Really well made and big enough to hold dozens of dice for whichever Cthulhuesque game I happen to be playing.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Tuesday 24 October 2017

The Skinwalker Tribes for Dracula's America

Just a quick post as I managed to get around to digging out my Dead Man's Hand figs so I could add them to my North Star figs and so take a pic of my Skinwalker Tribe posse for Dracula's America! Not the best pic and apologies once again for the lack of scenery.

Saturday 14 October 2017

The Dark Confederacy for Dracula's America

It's been quite a while since I last posted. Sorry. Been busy settling in to the new house...not helped by various issues with our broadband as well as my laptop choosing this moment to die. Needless to say, there has been no's all still in boxes and is likely to remain so while we get some much needed jobs done on the new house. Sigh.

I did, however, get my latest lot of figs back from Matt a week or two ago and I finally got around to taking a few quick pics. Sorry for the lack of scenery.

These are some Dark Confederacy figs for Dracula's America. Matt has done a fantastic job as always. Really pleased with them!

He also did some figs for The Skinwalker Tribes...

These will go with the Dead Man's Hand Renegade Indians I already have...enough to make up a posse. I'll get around to digging them out of a box at some point and taking some pics of them all together.

That said, I've decided I don't much like the Wolf...his front paw seems unnaturally posed (I've checked out pics of other people's and it is the same on every model) so I shall be looking for another large wolf...any suggestions very welcome!

Matt will also be doing some Red Hand Coven and Crossroads Cult figs for me over the next few months along with assorted other Wild West figs to go with all the Dead Man's Hand ones I already have (check out the Dead Man's Hand label on the right if you want to see them in action).

I might even manage to get a game in at some point...

Wednesday 13 September 2017


Enforcer and Gun Moll 

 Things have been so busy over the last month that I've not had a chance to show off all the Copplestone Gangster figs that Matt has done for me over the last few months. Time to remedy that!

More Enforcers or Bosses
Hoodlums and Gun Molls
More Hoodlums and Gun Molls
Sluggers and Punks
Gun Molls or Civilians
Civilians and Accountants

Sorry about the lack of's all still in boxes in the garage! Hopefully it won't be too long before I can dig some out and actually get a game of Mad Dogs with Guns in!

Monday 11 September 2017

Philip Hynes' Bear Heads Miniatures Kickstarter

Just in case anyone has missed it, there is another interesting Kickstarter running at the moment. This one is for an eclectic series of minis sculpted by the talented Philip Hynes...ranging from H P Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe to Undead Spartans via a Kirk Douglas Viking and the Frankenstein monster! Check it out here.

The Undead Spartans, in particular, are superb...

...and there is the promise of more figs to come before the end of the Kickstarter, including more Undead Spartans.

Friday 8 September 2017

The Lost World of Lemuria - Pulp Alley Kickstarter

 Things are finally starting to settle down after the big move. Sadly, I've not had much time for my blog or anyone elses, I'm afraid...but I'm looking forward to catching up on what everyone has been up to and maybe even dig through some boxes and get some games in!

Anyway, I'm sure you have all missed my posts about the latest exciting releases and so with that in mind....

Pulp Alley are doing a Kickstarter for their latest book...The Lost World of Lemuria...along with a variety of card decks and minis. Check it out here! Looks absolutely brilliant. Can't wait to get my hands on this. With the exchange rate being so poor at the moment, though, and the shipping, therefore, being a bit pricey...I may actually wait until Sally 4th and Statuesque Miniatures get it in stock.

Anyway, here are a few pics of some of what's up for grabs...

Gotta love Kickstaters!

Tuesday 15 August 2017


Moving house this week. And we're going to be without broadband until the end of August beginning of seems calling BT two weeks before the move was leaving things too late. Grrr. So this blog will be taking a little holiday. Back in September!